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Mum and Baby Balm


This gentle protective soothing Balm has been specially formulated for sensitive skins. Perfect for use on newborn babies and as a nipple balm for nursing mothers. Nourishing organic shea and cocoa butters provide a breathable barrier so you can protect delicate skin from damage and irritation without disrupting the natural skin oil balance. Avocado and Evening Primrose are high in vitamins and nutrients and help moisturise, aiding normal function and development. The honey is a gentle anti-bacterial and skin soother.

Ingredients Sweet Almond Kernel Oil*, Coconut Fruit Oil*, Sunflower Seed Oil*, Cocoa Nut Butter*, Beeswax*, Avocado Fruit Oil*, Honey*, Shea Nut Butter*, Evening Primrose Flower Oil*, Natural Vitamin E, Bitter Almond Kernel Extract, Vanilla Bean Extract. * = Certified Organic Ingredients 100% Natural Ingredients 99% Certified Organic Ingredients

Application Technique Apply to baby after nappy changing or to any of Mum’s dry or irritated skin.

Skin Advisory Sensitive

Size 75ml

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